StandPoint for Google Pixel 4

Always-with-you smartphone case with built-in tripod legs
Ideal for snapping selfies, vlogging, video calls, and live streaming
  • Phone case with built-in aluminum tripod legs
  • Great for hands-free content creation or astrophotography
  • Compatible with most wireless charging pads
  • Designed for Google Pixel 4
  • Protective case prevents scratches and damages
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Imagine a phone case with a built-in tripod. Think about how much easier snapping selfies, vlogging, video chatting, or watching movies would be. Well, it exists! StandPoint is the first protective phone case with built-in aluminum tripod legs. Creating and sharing content just got way easier… and way more fun!

StandPoint allows you to get creative and enjoy producing content on the fly. You have full control of your creativity! Take your own jumping pic or capture yourself in that perfect light without relying on others to do it for you. Just fold out the tripod legs before use and BOOM! You’re hands-free and ready to create or share that killer content.

Pick your angle! Individual leg adjustment enables you to easily create different shooting perspectives, giving you complete creative control. If astrophotography is your thing, enjoy the extra backward angle to capture an epic starry sky. Angle it up or down, make it high or low. To top it off, the rubber leg ends ensure stability – so your phone won’t slip while standing.

And if you have wireless charging, StandPoint is compatible. Just unfold the tripod legs and place it on the pad.




0.13 kg

0.29 lbs


Aluminum, Polycarbonate PC, Silicone

Aluminum, Polycarbonate PC, Silicone


1.47 x 7.2 x 15.2 cm

0.58 x 2.83 x 5.98 in




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