Smart Stabilizer

3-axis smartphone gimbal for vloggers & content creators
Create cinematic smooth content - Being creative will be your only thought
  • Perfect for shake-free videos with your smartphone
  • Telescopic handle extendable up to 7in
  • Landscape and portrait mode
  • Dedicated ''Smart Stabilizer'' App for face/object tracking
  • Mini tripod, carrying bag & other accessories included



Get shake-free videos with JOBY’s Smart Stabilizer. This is the ultimate three-axis smartphone gimbal for vloggers & content creators. With Smart Stabilizer you’ll get steady videos no matter what creative space you’re in. Don’t be limited by your gear! Give yourself the freedom to jump, run, spin, skip and move - Smart Stabilizer will keep your videos level and silky smooth.

It’s simple to use… just select one of the four modes and start recording! Select “pan” to capture your epic wide-scene shots; switch it to “lock” to keep it steady while you’re telling a story; “follow” is perfect for taking your viewers on an adventure; and “auto-rotate” tracks your every move, keeping you focused on having fun!

Smart Stabilizer is super compact and lightweight. It has a telescopic handle that extends up to 7 inches, making it easier to perfectly frame selfies or group pics. It can also support phones in landscape and portrait mode! The gimbal buttons enable easy and quick control of axis rotation, mode selection, and your smartphone’s camera.

The dedicated Smart Stabilizer App lets you connect the gimbal to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It can even perform face and object tracking, dynamic time-lapse, and panorama shots!

JOBY Smart Stabilizer lasts up to 10 hours, and you can charge your phone through the gimbal using the included cable. Plus, it comes with a tripod, carrying bag & wrist strap – so you’re fully prepared!




11.05 x 11.8 x 32.3 cm

4.35 x 4.65 x 12.72 in


0.21 kg

0.46 lbs

Tilting Angle

320 °

320 °

Rolling Angle

320 °

320 °

Panning Angle

320 °

320 °

Battery Life

Up to 10 hours

Up to 10 hours


CA PROP65; FCC (ID: 2AQK5-JB01656)

CA PROP65; FCC (ID: 2AQK5-JB01656)

Maximum Extension

0-18.3 cm

0-7.2 in

Smartphone compatibility

8.4 cm maximum phone width

3.3 in maximum phone width

Powered by (batteries)

Built-in rechargeable battery 1300 mAH 7.4-8.4V

Built-in rechargeable battery 1300 mAH 7.4-8.4V

Charging mode

Micro USB

Micro USB




Minimum Working Temperature

-10 °C

14 °F

Maximum Working Temperature

45 °C

113 °F

Product Contents

Gimbal, Carrying bag, Wrist strap, Tripod, Micro USB charging cable, Micro to Micro cable, Micro to Lightning cable, Micro to Type C cable, User Manual, Quick Setup Card

Gimbal, Carrying bag, Wrist strap, Tripod, Micro USB charging cable, Micro to Micro cable, Micro to Lightning cable, Micro to Type C cable, User Manual, Quick Setup Card

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JOBY Limited Consumer Warranty

This limited consumer warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship in the new JOBY product accompanied by this warranty statement. This warranty does not affect or modify any warranty provided by the JOBY retailer nor does it affect any additional rights you may have under the laws of your jurisdiction.

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Extendable up to 7 inches for perfect selfie framing and group pictures.
Portrait and landscape mode
Phone orientation can be changed automatically using the gimbal function button or by manually repositioning the phone clamp.
Dedicated Smart Stabilizer App
Available for both iOS and Android devices; the app allows face/object tracking, dynamic time-lapses, light trail and other creative functions.

Easy interface

Object & face tracking

Static or dynamic time-lapse

Light trail photography

What’s in the Box?

The Smart Stabilizer includes gimbal, carrying bag, tripod, wrist strap, micro USB charging cable, micro to micro cable, micro to lightning cable, micro to type C cable, user manual, quick setup card.

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