GorillaPod Rigs

The GorillaPod has arms! Use a Rig to add LED lights, mics and accessories to create YouTube videos, vlogs, macro photos and more with your camera or smartphone.

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GorillaPod 3K PRO Rig Photo Tripod JOBY GP 3K PRO Rig JB01567 BWW

SKU: JB01567-BWW

GorillaPod 3K PRO Rig

$168.20 $179.95
Ultimate Flexible Tripod Rig for Premium Mirrorless Cameras.
GorillaPod Arm Kit PRO Photo Accessory JOBY GorillaPod Arm Kit PRO JB01589 BWW

SKU: JB01589-BWW

GorillaPod Arm Kit PRO

Lightweight Aluminum PRO-level Accessory Arms
GorillaPod Action Tripod Action Video Mounts Tripods GP2C Action Tripod Product Hero JB01300 BWW

SKU: JB01300-BWW

GorillaPod Action Tripod

For GoPro® and Other Action Video Cameras
GorillaPod Rig GorillaPod Rig Joby JB01522 BWW

SKU: JB01522-BWW

GorillaPod Rig

Flexible tripod rig for DSLR camera and accessories
GorillaPod Mobile Rig A camera GorillaPod Tripods GorillaPod MobileRig front SQ JB01524 BWW

SKU: JB01524-BWW

GorillaPod Mobile Rig A

Vlogging tripod rig for mobile phone video
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