TJ Lee

United States

Travel and Food Vlogger

Hi I'm CupofTJ, host of the Cutest Travel & Food Show! I invite viewers to travel to a destination through the lens of food. From big markets to cramped alleyways, Joby gear has me covered on all grounds. Can't imagine vlogging without one in hand!

In 2016 I sold my possessions to travel the world and live out of a carry-on suitcase. Now I create travel videos full-time and stuff my face with food. Lots of it. Oh and I teach people how to travel vlog and create awesome channels.

"CupofTJ is the Cutest Travel and Food Show around!" - Anthony Bourdain

TJ Lee's Gear
GripTight PRO TelePodJB01534-BWW


GripTight PRO TelePod

Telescoping tripod & grip for mobile phones



Bluetooth remote camera control for iPhone and Android phones
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