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The GorillaPod has Arms!

The Essential Tool allowing Vloggers and Content Creators which allows them to add additional devices to their DSLR or Mirrorless set-up.

Petaluma, Calif. — March, 2018 — JOBY has announced a new addition to the GorillaPodTM product line by adding the GorillaPod Rig to the family. Flexible, portable and easy to use, the GorillaPod Rig is the essential tool for any content creator, vlogger or journalist creating pro-grade video. The added ability to mount lights, mics and additional devices to their DSLR or mirrorless set-up, users are now able to bring their creativity to light. This new addition to the family is available for purchase now.

Based on the extremely popular GorillaPod 5K Kit, this new Rig allows for Multiple Grip configurations for stable Video Capture. It is also well suited for macro and table top studio photography. Supplied with a quick release strap, adds a secure mounting options as well as being able carry the rig sling style.

"The GorillaPod has been adopted by the Vlogging community as a 'must have' product. By listening to them, we have learned that they are adding more devices to create content," said Tim Sadler, Product Director for JOBY. "We designed the GorillaPod Rig to meet these needs and provide a tool to allow for next level creativity to be released"

The new GorillaPod Rig builds on the mantra of "Grip it, Wrap it, Stand it." and features the Patented GorillaPod ball and socket design with rubberized grips to provide endless flexibility and quick adjustability. It comes as a complete kit or as an added upgrade to some existing GorillaPods:

  • GorillaPod Rig - Create professional quality videos, vlogs, macro photos and more with a camera rig for DSLR or Mirrorless camera plus Mic and Lights.
  • GorillaPod Rig Upgrade - Upgrade kit available for GorillaPod 5K Kit, classic GorillaPod Focus and Ballhead X to build a camera rig to create professional quality videos, marcro photos and more.

This addition to the GorillaPod Family continues to build on JOBY's key involvement in the Vlogging and Content Creator industries, providing the members with innovative, high quality tools to capture creative and popular cross platform content.

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We live to ignite creativity. JOBY's award-winning mounts, stands and grips are flexible, easy to use and designed to elevate the potential of the latest mobile and imaging devices. Our innovative accessories bring creative vision to the next level, empowering users to capture adventure from any angle. JOBY is a proudly owned by Vitec Imaging Solutions.

About Vitec Imaging Solutions
Vitec Imaging Solutions is a division of the Vitec Group, an international group principally serving customers in the broadcast and photographic markets. Vitec Imaging Solutions designs, manufactures and distributes premium branded photographic and video equipment such as tripods, bags, filters and lights for professional and hobbyist photographers. Our portfolio includes seven premium brands - Manfrotto, Gitzo, JOBY, Colorama, Lastolite, Avenger and Lowepro positioning Vitec Imaging Solutions as the leading global provider of accessories within the fast growing photo and video markets. Vitec Imaging Solutions brands are exclusively distributed in the United States through its owned platform: Vitec Imaging Distribution, 10 Mountianview Road Ste 320S, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458

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