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Portable charger for smartphone batteries

PowerBand PowerBand PowerBand PowerBand PowerBand PowerBand PowerBand

Portable charger for smartphone batteries

Get Power-to-Go with the portable charger that attaches to any iPhone® or Android® phone for extended use and battery charging on the move.

The perfect mobile battery pack for playing Pokémon Go!

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Features & Specs


Now you can securely charge up your smartphone on the go. The JOBY PowerBand is a slim, lightweight battery pack that attaches to your phone when you need it, using a stretchable silicone band. Works with iPhone® or Android® phones using the attached charging cable. "With hundreds of batteries on the market, JOBY is the first to create the perfect companion for everyday use. The genius lies in the simplicity of the PowerBand's straps that make it usable while on-the-go." - Derrick Miyao, Android Guys


  • Tether-free Power: Get the only power solution that attaches to your smartphone, but is not an oversized and bulky battery case.
  • Built-in Charging: Never worry about long, loose or lost cords! The charge cable is built-in: MFi Certified Lightning™ connector for Apple devices or micro USB for Android.
  • Universal Fit: Works with all smartphones. Low profile, silicone bands stretch over the phone for a snug fit, with or without a case. With some larger protective cases, removing the phone from the case may be necessary to insert charge cable.
  • Lightweight Battery: The 3500 mAh LiPo battery provides enough power to charge your phone once or twice, depending on your device, to keep you connected.
  • Slim & Pocketable: PowerBand has a narrow profile that adds minimal bulk to your phone while boosting your power.

Designed for:

Large Phone, Small Phone

Dimensions and Weight:

Product Dimensions:5.9 x 1.1 x 10.5 cm (2.32 x 0.43 x 4.13 in)
Weight:88 g (0.19 lbs)
Packaged Weight:153 g (0.34 lbs)



Stretch Your Power!

Attach PowerBand only when needed and stay charged while on-the-move without the cables.

PowerBand in action

Portable Charger for iPhone

iPhone model comes with built-in MFI Certified Lightning™ connector for Apple® devices. PowerBand stretches to fit models from iPhone SE to iPhone 6s Plus.

PowerBand for all Apple phones

Portable Charger for Android Phones

PowerBand Android model features built-in micro USB charge cable and stretches to charge smartphones such as Galaxy S7 Edge, Nexus 6P and LG G4.

PowerBand for all Android phones

Stay Connected

Never miss a text or get stranded with a dead phone.

PowerBand in action
JOBY PowerBand features
PowerBand in action

Slim and Pocketable

At only .45 inches (11.4mm) wide, PowerBand is the smallest portable charger around!

PowerBand in action

Life Doesn’t Stop

Make sure your phone is always ready for that perfect moment.

Keep your Favorite Apps Running!

Powerband recharges your battery so you can catch Pokémon, finish your flick or capture that awesome time-lapse of the sunset!



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