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GorillaPod Focus

For Professional DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras and Lights

GorillaPod Focus
GorillaPod Focus GorillaPod Focus GorillaPod Focus GorillaPod Focus GorillaPod Focus GorillaPod Focus GorillaPod Focus GorillaPod Focus
GorillaPod Focus

For Professional DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras and Lights

Flexible tripod & (optional) Ballhead X for professional camera rigs with large zoom lenses weighing up to 5kg (11 lbs).

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GorillaPod Focus is now the GorillaPod 5K

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Features & Specs


The strongest, portable, lightweight, professional tripod you can find. The GorillaPod Focus is designed with professionals in mind. It handles heavy-duty cameras with massive zoom lenses, video cameras, and professional tripod heads with ease. Add the precision-engineered Ballhead X for optimal utility.


  • Capture better perspectives: flexible, wrappable legs allow you to secure professional camera equipment weighing up to 11.1 lbs (5kg) to virtually any surface, enabling you to capture shots you couldn’t before.
  • Precise positioning at any angle: full 360° panning and 90 tilt° with Ballhead XTM allow you to quickly position your camera with ease for portrait and landscape shots.
  • Easy setup and quick transitions: Arca-Swiss compatible mounting plate stays connected to your camera for optimal interchangeability.
  • Secure firm joints after repeated use: the only tripod in its class to use durable machined aluminum sockets and German TPE for joints that stay firm and grippy.

Which GorillaPod is Right for Your Camera?

Designed for:

DSLR, Mirrorless, Pro DSLR

Dimensions and Weight:

GorillaPod Focus (tripod only):

Product Dimensions:9.2 x 9.2 x 29 cm (3.62 x 3.62 x 11.42 in)
Weight:499 g (1.10 lbs)
Packaged Weight:570 g (1.25 lbs)
Capacity:5000 g (11.00 lbs)

GorillaPod Focus with Ballhead X:

Product Dimensions:9.2 x 9.2 x 37.3 cm (3.62 x 3.62 x 14.69 in)
Weight:762 g (1.68 lbs)
Packaged Weight:860 g (1.89 lbs)
Capacity:5000 g (11.00 lbs)

Connection Point:

1/4"-20 standard tripod mount, 3/8" adapter


ABS Plastic, Stainless Steel, TPE, Zinc-Aluminum


GorillaPod Focus

The strongest GorillaPod out there

GorillaPod Focus in action

Add Ballhead X for Precise Control

Ballhead for professional DSLRs

Ballhead X is made of machined-aluminum for smooth positioning, strength and durability. It is also Arca-Swiss system compatible and can be used with any professional tripod. Easily attach the quick-release plate to your camera using the thumbscrew and leave it attached for quick set up on-the-go.

Easily turn to portrait orientation

Use the 360° pan and ±90° tilt knobs to fine tune adjust your composition, quickly switch between portrait and landscape orientation or capture smooth-panning video. Pan and tilt knobs tighten independently of each other for more versatility. Once tightened, Ballhead X will firmly hold your camera in the desired position.

Add UltraPlate for more versatility

Now you can use your GorillaPod Focus with Ballhead X and your favorite tripod-screw mounted accessories at the same time! UltraPlate is built-in Arca-Swiss compatible, but you can securely attach any tripod QR plate to one of the two extra mounting holes. Attach your favorite camera strap to the other mounting hole and never deal with the hassle of unscrewing your strap or QR plate again!

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In The Box

  • GorillaPod Focus
  • Ballhead X with quick release plate (included with Ballhead X option)

User Guide

How to Use GorillaPod Focus

Attach GorillaPod or Ballhead X Quick-Release Plate

Start screwing the tripod or quick-release plate into the bottom of your camera. Use a coin to securely tighten down the screw between the GorillaPod legs or use the thumbscrew on the QR plate to tighten completely. Make sure one GorillaPod leg is in line with your camera lens or the QR plate is straight for fast and easy setup.

Stabilize Left and Right Sides with Two Legs

Secure one leg to the left of your camera, and then secure one leg to the right of your camera. By positioning one leg to the left and one to the right, you prevent the camera from slipping sideways. The broader the stance of your GorillaPod Focus the sturdier it will be.

Prevent Camera from Moving Forward or Backward

The third tripod leg should be used to prevent the camera from slipping forwards or backwards due to the weight of your camera and camera lens. By positioning one leg directly underneath your lens, you prevent your camera from drooping, slipping or sliding forward or backward. The broader the stance of your GorillaPod on uneven surfaces, the more stable it will be.

Secure on Vertical Poles

Wrap one leg around the front of the pole, wrap the second leg around the back of the pole, and position the third leg in an arc directly below the lens with the foot of the tripod perpendicular the pole. This will counterbalance the weight of your camera. Take care to make sure your lens is supported when wrapping your GorillaPod around trees and poles.

Make Fine Tune Adjustments Using the Ballhead

Once the GorillaPod legs are secure, loosen the ±90° tilt knob on the ballhead. Fine-tune the position of your camera to perfectly frame your subject with one hand supporting your camera and one hand on the adjustment knob. Once the correct position is achieved, tighten the adjustment knob to secure your DSLR. Loosen the tilt knob to switch between portrait and landscape orientation.

Panning Knob for Easy Positioning or Awesome Video

Once you've positioned your GorillaPod legs, loosen the panning knob to capture 360° smooth panning shots and easily adjust your composition. Make sure to tighten the knob back down for safety if you won't be holding onto your camera.


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