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Angelo Meloni

Photographer, Blogger, Videomaker, Musician

Angelo is an Italian blogger and video creator. He’s also a musician and plays bass for the Foleys & Camberra. He loves to travel around the world, taking photos with his Sony a6300. He vlogs with his Sony RX100 M5. He also enjoys taking drone footage with his DJI Mavic Pro, Phantom 4, and Inspire 1 RAW. He’s a positive person and he loves to share positive vibes with everyone he meets during his travels.

Anthony Tortoriello

Photographer, Vlogger

Anthony "Atort" Tortoriello is a photographer living on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii on the fabled North Shore. He specializes in ocean wildlife such as sea turtles, waves and liquid landscapes. His work has been featured in advertising campaigns by Apple Computer and been published in National Geographic magazine for some of the work he has done. Anthony is extremely proficient with photography and iPhone photography hence working on the Shot on iPhone 6 ad campaign for Apple. He is a guest photographer for Leo Laporte of “The Tech Guy” show and podcast in his free time too. Aloha!

Cailin O'Neil

Travel Blogger, Vlogger and Snapchatter

Cailin is a travel and blogger/vlogger with a big focus on Snapchat. Having traveled to over 50 countries in the past eight years, she is doing her best to bring the world to the world through video and social media. While blogging, creating social media content and Snapchat vlogging daily around the world she has worked with brands such as Lonely Planet, Expedia, American Express, South Africa Tourism, Germany Tourism, Universal Orlando Resort and a whole lot more. Those partnerships and more have helped her be one of the top travel Snapchat influencers in the world.

Cielo de la Paz

Mobile Filmmaker

Cielo is a photographer and mobile filmmaker whose work was featured several years in Apple's Shot on iPhone Billboard and TV Commercial campaign. Her work has won the Gold Cannes Lions Award and honors at Mobile Photography Awards and iPhone Photography Awards. Cielo loves to teach others to make their own mobile videos and regularly teaches at Stanford, Google, and online at CreativeLive. When not traveling the world to teach and speak about smartphone videography, Cielo vlogs on her Youtube channel and provides resources for her community.

Dale Mears


Dale is a keen outdoor enthusiast. He classes himself as an adventurer, documenting them as best he can. He got into photography through being a sponsored white water kayaker and caught the bug originally photographing the events. In the past few years he has caught the light painting bug. Light painting photography and steel wool spinning have been his passion, and his main focus for his photography at present time. JOBY gear are a superb addition to his gear. Dale shoots with both Nikon DSLR and Gopro Hero 5.

Fang Li

Photographer, Film Maker, Vlogger

Fang is a Chinese professional photographer based in Sydney, also as a film maker and vlogger. JOBY GorillaPod is his favorite companion when vlogging. His photos usually focus on creative ideas and strong contrast/perspectives. He is a car enthusiast who owns the fastest Subaru BRZ street car in China, 1st place in Shanghai Tianma Racing Event 2016. Fang also as a minority campaign lover, he is the vape trick mentor in a Chinese vape company Vapor Park, and 3rd place in 2011 Chinese Pen Spinning Competition. Making your hobby like a pro, he's still on his way.

Jax Navarro

Toy Photographer

Husband, dog lover, photographer, and anything Star Wars. Jax didn’t have too many toys as a child so now he’s making up for it. Pretty soon his toys will need a room of their own. As much as he loves taking pictures of dogs and creating content for @thefugee, toy photography has become his latest obsession.

Jon Reyes

Scooter Athlete, YouTuber

Riding a scooter for over 15 years and being a professional for over 8, Jon documents his adventures through his hometown NYC and his travels. Living a very fast pace lifestyle in the big city while having his scooter with him at all times, Jon creates videos filled with daily adventures, GoPro POV videos, and some of his best riding giving you the best visual experience you can get through the eyes of a world wide grand athlete.

Kevin Turner


Kevin Turner was raised in New York City and currently resides in the more pastoral surrounds of central Pennsylvania. From urban streets to verdant landscapes – portraits to product shots – Kevin brings his city-born and country living eye and sensibilities to every project. A master of the new social media he often works with companies to not only produce the photos but also making sure the right audience sees them.

Lesha Litonjua

Musician, Vlogger, Lifestyle Blogger

Lesha is a 19 year old singer/songwriter and an emerging electronic alternative artist. She’s known for her song covers where she adds her own electronic style by making use of vocal chops and samples, making her sound unique and stand out from the rest.

Petr Jan Juračka

Photographer, videomaker, nature documentarist, alpinist and scientist

Petr is a true Renaissance man when it comes to imagery; he experiments with a wide range of photography. His work as the science photographer (and teacher) at the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague engages him in the demanding techniques of magnifying the natural world with the use of electron and light microscopes. Petr is also a self-proclaimed drone maniac. With his friends, he built several drones and tested them along the Nile River in Uganda. He won an International DJI photography contest and received his Phantom as a prize... hence he is out with his drone quite often!

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