Which GripTight is Right for Me?

If you've landed here, you may be asking "Which GripTight should I choose to mount & stabilize my phone or tablet?". Never fear, we've got you covered from every angle and every device from small mobile phones to 10" tablets. Let's start with the basics.

What are you using your phone or tablet for?


Improve your phone photos. Get a stable shot, capture new perspectives and put yourself in the picture with a remote shutter control.

Best Choice: GripTight ONE or GripTight PRO plus Impulse RemoteGripTight ONE Magnetic + Impulse


Great solutions for the story-teller on the go. Choose a GorillaPod rig and add all your favorite vlogging accessories or choose a superlight handheld grip kit with cold-shoe mount.

Best Choice: GorillaPod Mobile RigGripTight PRO TelepodGripTight POV KitGripTight PRO Video



Stabilization, smooth panning and a locking pan & tilt arm = phone video goodness. Add a 1K GorillaPod for stabilization in a compact package and you have a winner!

Best Choice: GripTight PRO VideoGorillaPod Mobile Rig


Sometimes, you just want to sit back and watch a video. Give your hands a break and get a better view.

Best Choice: GripTight Micro StandGripTight GorillaPod Stand or GripTight PRO Tablet


Road-Trips & Commute

Commuting, traveling by car, by bike or hiking, let GripTight be your travel buddy.

Best Choice: GripTight Auto Vent ClipGripTight Bike Mount ProGripTight Micro Stand or GripTight GorillaPod Stand




Whether you are working, having fun or both (the JOBY way), find a solid mount for hands-free phone use or a stable platform to tap your tablet apps.

Best Choice: GripTight PRO TabletGripTight PRO or GripTight Micro Stand


What style of Mount do you need?

GripTight mounts come in several types from ultra-compact to the super robust. Think about where you will use your mount and what the most important features are.

Everyday Use

Try our compact spring-loaded phone mount which is perfect for travel, commute and the everyday situations.

Best Choice: GripTight ONE



Fast Action

Look for a lightweight clamping mount for active situations where you need a solid, secure grip on your phone.

Best Choice: GripTight POV Kit



Extreme Security

Choose a premium stainless steel and ABS clamping mount that locks your phone or tablet securely in any situation, like at the end of a vlogging stick over water!

Best Choice: GripTight PRO TelepodGorillaPod Mobile RigGripTight PRO


What will your GripTight be Mounted to?

GripTights come configured with a variety of flexible tripods and stands or as a mount-only. You might ask, "Why sell just the mount?" One reason is use of a universal 1/4"-20 thread.

"OK... What the *bleep* is a 1/4"-20?"

This is a very common size of screw thread that is used on tripods, cameras, selfie sticks and other photo accessories. By using a 1/4"-20 mount you can attach your phone to any tripod plus a world of photo accessories. 
Griptights with a 1/4"-20 mount include GripTight ONE Mount which fits all phones and GripTight PRO in sizes for both phone or tablet.

GripTight and GorillaPod!

The perfect combination of flexible tripod and secure phone mount.

GripTight Micro Stand

The most compact phone stand. The Griptight ONE Micro stand completely folds small enough to fit in the coin pocket on a pair of jeans.

GripTight + Telescoping Tripod + Hand Grip = TelePod

Mount a GripTight PRO to our new Telepod and you have an extremely versatile vlogging tool that goes from grip to extension stick to tripod in seconds! GripTight PRO Telepod

GoPro Mounts

Use your phone with your GoPro accessories! Your phone has awesome video capabilities. Attach your phone to any 3-pin GoPro accessory mount and get it in the action with the GripTight POV Kit , GripTight Action Kit.

What Else Makes GripTight Great?

Short Answer:

Long Answer:
In addition to our thoughtful engineering, high-quality materials, precision crafted parts and rigorous attention to detail, there is our awesome community of creatives and story tellers who constantly discover new ways to use JOBY products to capture and create unique content. Our awesome advocates and power users give us the feedback to improve as we go.

Here are just a few more ways GripTight helps you connect and create!

Top Ten Reasons to get a GripTight

  1. Up your mobile photo game. Get stable shots from unique perspectives.
  2. Go beyond the selfie stick. Get yourself in the shot--no hands!
  3. Vlogging is a thing. Streaming is now, your phone is the key.
  4. Pan like a pro. Get smooth video from a small mobile phone rig.
  5. Your phone IS an action cam. Get a grip!
  6. Make a "Personal Phone Theater". (hint) Earbuds + GripTight MicroStand
  7. Cycle with GripTight Bike with music, track your route, light your way
  8. Find new use for your tablet. Music stand, auto-shop terminal, kitchen recipes... whatever you imagine.
  9. Navigate through traffic. Check maps & make calls hands-free.
  10. GripTight goes anywhere!
    GripTights are used daily in offices, shops, classrooms, hospitals, laboratories, industrial settings, airplanes, cars, skate parks, dog parks, amusement parks, national parks... you get the picture.

    GripTight at-a-glance Guide

    Activity or UseRecommended GripTight Product(s)
     GripTight ONEGripTight POV KitGripTight PROGripTight PRO TabletGripTight PRO VideoGripTight Micro StandGripTight GorillaPodGripTight PRO TelepodGorillaPod Mobile RigImpulse Remote
    Everyday Use         
    Fast Action        
    Extreme Security       
    On the Road      
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