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Jeff Tune-K

JOBY Ambassador:

Jeff Tunque (Tune-K)

Producer, DJ

Born and raised by his late father Gil Tunque who played drums in an 80s cover band, Jeff Tunque (Tune-K) was influenced by Disco, Funk, Motown, 80s, R&B, and Hip Hop. During the mid 90s he played drums in a Middle School Band, a High School Band, and taught himself piano before taking lessons.

Jeff’s first introduction to finger drumming started when he received a Yamaha keyboard as a birthday gift at the age of 14. By having skills as a drummer with no prior piano experience, his first instinct was to load up the drum presets and finger drum on the keys. He would practice and emulate drum beats from the likes of Afrika Bambatta, Dr. Dre, DJ Premier, and Pete Rock. Eventually Jeff Tune-K got into music production, sound engineering, Djing, and the rest is history.


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