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GripTight in Action in SF

Finally—a smartphone mount that adapts to your particular smartphone and accessories. Our phone mount will fit your iPhone, Android or Windows phone with or without it's protective case, and it attaches to any tripod, including our GorillaPod and Micro tripods. Plus, it'll fold up and fit in your pocket! Innovative and adaptable—the JOBY way.

Added 10/24/12

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Featured New Products

  • GripTight Mount for Smartphones

    Any smartphone, any tripod, anywhere!

    Added 10/24/12

  • GripTight Micro Stand for Smartphones

    The smallest smartphone stand ever!

    Added 10/24/12

  • GripTight GorillaPod Stand for Smartphones

    Adaptable, all-terrain smartphone solution!

    Added 10/24/12

  • UltraFit Sling Strap for Men & Women

    Our sling style straps are built for fast camera access, comfort and camera security.

    Added 9/18/12

  • 3-Way Camera Strap

    The 3-Way Camera Strap is the most versatile strap! It converts between a wrist, shoulder and neck strap instantly!

    Added 9/18/12

  • Designing JOBY Camera Straps

    Just like JOBY revolutionized camera tripods, JOBY has transformed camera straps. See how we did it!

    Added 9/18/12

Product Videos

  • GorillaMobile Ori for iPad

    Protective case + stand for ergonomic positioning on-the-go. 

    Added 01/03/11

  • GorillaMobile Yogi for iPad

    Take advantage of uneven surfaces with the limber and adaptable GorillaMobile Yogi for iPad. 

    Added 01/03/11

  • GorillaMobile for iPhone 4

    The GorillaMobile for iPhone 4 provides sleek protection and adaptable hands-free positioning. 

    Added 11/03/10

  • GorillaTorch Switchback

    The GorillaTorch Switchback is the ultimate outdoor adventure item as it transforms from lantern to headlamp. 

    Added 11/03/10

  • GorillaPod Video

    The GorillaPod Video removes the shakes from your personal video recording with a unique video tripod system. 

    Added 11/03/10

  • GorillaTorch Flare

    The GorillaTorch Flare is the most versatile flashlight ever - hands-free and emergency ready. 

    Added 06/08/10

  • GorillaTorch Blade

    The GorillaTorch Blade is the rugged, hands-free flashlight for the DIYer. 

    Added 11/08/10

  • GorillaTorch Original

    The GorillaTorch Original is the first hands-free flashlight with magnetic feet. 

    Added 11/11/09

  • GorillaPod Hybrid

    Versatile, portable tripod for compact system cameras weighing up to 1 kg. Precise ball head and grippy, flexible legs provide infinite adaptability  

    Added 9/28/11

  • GorillaPod Micro 250

    The always-with-you tripod for point and shoot cameras up to 250g, with adaptable positioning in a sleek, portable design  

    Added 9/28/11

  • GorillaPod Micro 800

    The everything-you-need-in-your-pocket tripod for compact system cameras with 36° of movement in any direction and stabilizing foot grips  

    Added 9/28/11

  • GorillaPod Original

    Designed for point and shoot cameras, GorillaPod Original is the most versatile tripod available and beloved by millions! 

    Added 6/6/12

Other Video

  • GorillaTorch Original Animation

    Added 11/11/09