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Need some recommendations?

Ultrafit Sling Strap

Why can't camera straps be more like our GorillaPods? Light, adaptable, out of your way, FUN.

Our sling straps secure your camera where YOU want it. Just tug your camera to where it feels the most comfortable—front, back, high, low. Up to you.

When you see your shot, JOBY elf magic lets you pull your camera loose instantly with one hand!

Men's strap | Women's strap

Griptight Micro Stand

Every iPhone or Android will love our tiny, foldable smartphone stand! Perfect for movies, books, & photos, and it's so dang cute and compact that you'll take it everywhere you go.

Griptight GorillaPod Stand

Get the tripod that phone photographers and videographers need to place their iPhone or Android anywhere.

Branches, rails, rocks, chairs, dark Amazon jungles with leeches, GorillaPods take on places that make other tripods wet their pants.

3-Way Camera Strap

Get your photographers what they've always wanted for the holidays: a 3-way Camera Strap!

(*ahem*, I said "camera strap")

It transforms from wrist camera strap to neck strap to shoulder strap by letting you instantly change the length of the incredibly thin but super-strong Dyneema cording.

GorillaTorch Flare

Our best-selling flashlight for the DIY and outdoors crowd. 6 light settings, magnetic feet, flexible legs that put your light exactly where you want it.

So, it has 6 different styles, survives the most rugged terrain out there, and has legs that kick ass.

It should've been called the GorillaTorch Chuck Norris.

(Stupid lawyers.)

GorillaTorch Switchback

Back in stock at only $34.95 (and that's before the 20% off!) for its farewell tour! It's the headlamp that you can transform into a lantern!

It comes with a GorillaPod tripod too because even more so than bacon, flexible legs make *everything* better!

*SALE ENDS November 26th, 2012 at 11:59 pm PST. Free Shipping applies to all products through domestic ground shipping only.