Pro Team

*safe solvent

A Montreal based photographer and filmmaker, Martin Reisch (also under the moniker of *safe solvent) has been journeying around the city with his gear documenting the landscape around him. Working on a variety of projects and products for clients as well as his own personal short film projects, he has found his place and his medium.

Martin has previously worked with Concordia's University's Theater Production program doing almost 3 years of Production Photography and behind the scenes documenting for their shows. His work in stop-motion photography for several Montreal music videos seen on MUSIQUE Plus and online have lead to a solid flow of projects.

Continuously pushing himself to stay on the bleeding edge of technology in his craft, Martin has continued his personal work in HD Video as well as in broadcast with such clients as MétéoMédia and the Weather Network.

His passion and perhaps obsession with time lapses have also become a staple in his portfolio, which have lead him to work as Director of Photography and Time lapse photographer for Discovery Channel documentary series on the 9/11 World Trade Center disaster.

His unique vision and blend of organic camera work as well as an ambitious and motivated attitude towards his work has kept him a sough-after and ever-evolving artist in Montreal.

Favorite Drink?
Coffee... No doubt, it is what fuels my mornings and keeps me burning through the night. It is the ultimate liquid elixir.

Favorite view or destination?
I won't lie. Im a rooftop/skyline addict. I find viewing a city from a far or from a highpoint, allows you to take in all of its living breathing inhabitants in a much easier to digest perspective. You see it as a collective entity and itt gives a true sense of what the city is about. Nothing compares to it.

What makes you a creative?
People. Life. Weather. Music. A combination of every variable in my day leads to a single minute moment of creative inspiration. Even though everyone always says that it is not the tools but the person using them who inspire creativity, i find that these days companies are starting to create devices and tools that themselves have such care and aesthetic put into their fabrication that you can find inspiration there too.

Favorite song/band?
I’m very much inspired by the music I take with me on my journeys for video and photography. Stuff I've been listening to although obscure is all the more beautiful. Muxmool, Caribou, Seams, Washed Out, Parlovr, Nightwood, Cotton Mouth, Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs, Arcade Fire, Braids, Myxelodian, Super Fossil Power, Brave Radar, Mavo... lots of Montreal local bands.

What’s in your bag?
EVERYTHING. No joke, i tend to lug ALL my gear everywhere. It’s a terrible thing on my back.

What is your equipment?
I’m very brand loyal. Lots of people have problems with that, but i think that if a brand treats you right, enables you to be as creative as possible and can increase your ability to push your work beyond the boundaries of what you normally can achieve... Why not stick with them!
My equipment is Canon 5D mark II, Canon 40D, iPhone, macbookpro, iMac, and a handful of other little gadgets. Most importunely, my GorillaPod ;)

What do you love about JOBY products?
First and foremost I love the rugged, innovative design. I really do love the product so much that I sought out the company very quickly online in order to essentially give them"props". Heh.

I find that the innovation in the design of the GorillaPod has the effect of giving me so many more options when I’m devising a shot, also gives me many less restrictions when choosing a shot knowing that Ican be upside down, sideways or holding on for dear life with the grip that seems to be stronger than ... Well super strong!

All the products that I've so far tried from JOBY have had durable and rugged design. That’s super important for me as a photographer who often climbs roofs, tosses gear bags around and has stuff dangling off my belt while I’m getting in and out of a location so they have to be able to withstand not only the holding up of a camera, but the rough tumble of slinging on the side as Itravel...

Favorite Book/Magazine:
I’m a huge fan of Wired magazine. Books? Currently in love with the Scott Pilgrim books (graphic novels really) as well as classics like Philip K Dick and Kurt Vonnegut novels

What is your morning ritual?
Coffee. email. Blogs, rss feeds, Twitter, which is almost a 2-hr procedure. Then, check the weather and decide if I want to take the entire gear bag or just go light with a camera and iPad. Sometimes I only get back after the sun has set so I usually pack some snacks and a water bottle.

What is the 1 thing you would change in the world?
Not going with world peace and holding hands. That's already a given. I would change the extremely difficult hoops and paperwork involved in simply traveling and working/living in a different country.