Pro Team

Patrick Trefz

Born in Düsseldorf, Germany, Patrick Trefz spent his childhood years growing up in Düsseldorf and Paris, but since then he has lived and traveled all over the world, capturing unique, raw and impactful images along the way. The son of a still life studio photographer, Trefz developed a solid foundation in classic photography techniques, but quickly realized that his true passion came from traveling and documenting the world around him.

Trefz says that he has a tendency to shoot “from the bottom of [his] heart/belly”. This visceral approach is evident in his work; he has a gift for capturing the raw essence of a subject.

Favorite Drink?
Plymouth Tonic

Favorite view or destination?
Lofoten, Norway

What makes you a creactive?
Without creativity life would be very boring

Favorite song/band?
Kraftwerk ‘das model’

What's in your bag?
Film and still cameras, surfboard

What is your equipment?
hvx200 panasonice and 5dmark2

What do you love about Joby products?
The flexibilty of the the tripods

Favorite Book/Magazine:
new yorker

What is your morning ritual?
A gallon of coffee

What is the 1 thing you would change in the world?
Hmm, let me think about that one....

A long-time photographer for Surfer Magazine, Patrick Trefz is also an award-winning filmmaker who directed the 16mm film Thread. Most recently Trefz has also released a book entitled Thread, based on the film.