Frame X Frame Tips & Tricks

Taking Pictures

Take a picture

Aim iPhone and tap otherwise known as the shutter button

You can change the quality of the image that you take by going into the main settings section of your iPhone (outside of the app) and select the Frame X Frame app. There you will be able to select small, medium or large file sizes to save your photos.

Image capture options
View your image capture options by pressing on the menu button. If a functionality has been chosen it will be highlighted in yellow. To undo a setting click on the setting again or press clear to undo all settings. The settings default to standard image capture mode so you will need to reselect your settings if you close the app.

Saving Photos

The Save wheel appears in the Thumbnail viewer (lower left-hand side) until the image is saved and stored in the photo library.

Tip: You can keep taking photos while this dialog box is displayed. Be careful not to exit the app, or you'll lose any unsaved images.

Viewing Photos

Tap the last photo taken which will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen.
To delete photos, exit the app and choose Photos > Camera Roll.

Share Photos and Videos

When viewing an individual photo or video, tap Share to send by Twitter, Facebook,Youtube email and more.

Shooting Modes

Stop-Motion, Self-timer and time-lapse work best with the GorillaMobile for iPhone 4, a protective case + flexible iPhone stand that lets you position your iPhone virtually anywhere! (Learn more)

Stop Motion – Continuous Shutter

Create your own stop motion video in 4 easy steps.

  1. Set the number of shots you want to take in total
  2. Pick the interval you'd like to wait between each photo capture
  3. Select the frames per second to determine how long the image will appear when saved as a video
  4. Tap the shutter button to initiate the stop motion image capture sequence

Tip: Frames per second applies to how long each individual shot will appear in your finished video. If you choose a frame per second of "20," for instance, the app will compile your shots to play a video at 20 frames per second.

Tip: Note that the "Time of Video" field changes according to the number of shots and the frames per second and allows you to figure out in advance how long the final video will be.

Tip: The app will automatically ensure that your phone won't go to sleep while taking pictures. Be sure to plug it into a power source if you plan on taking many hours of pictures.

Stop Motion – Manual Shutter

Are you more of a control freak? Stop motion manual mode allows you to choose when each photo is shot. This shooting mode is particularly useful for animation and claymation films.

  1. Start by setting the frames per second to determine how long each frame will show in playback mode.
  2. Capture as many images as you'd like (and whatever you'd like) by tapping the shutter button for each photo.
  3. Press the "Done" button to compile your images into a Stop Motion video.


Set a delay before taking a photo. It's perfect for group shots or self-portraits.

Tap to change the length of the delay. Tap the shutter button to start the countdown.

Time Lapse

Take photos at regular intervals.

Tap to set the number of shots and the interval between shots.

Tip: The app will automatically ensure that your phone won't go to sleep while taking pictures. Be sure to plug it into a power source if you plan on taking many hours of pictures.

Tip: Time-lapse will save each image individually on your phone


Helps to ensure that you take photos only when your iPhone is still. When this setting is enabled, the camera will not allow you to take a picture until it is stable.

Bubble Level

Bubble Level

The bubble level helps you get perfectly level shots.

Calibrate the bubble level by pressing the small calibrate icon.

Additional Features

Click on the magnifying glass and then drag the zoom slider to zoom in and out.

Press Anywhere

Tap anywhere on the screen to take a photo.

The fingerprint icon lets you know when it is turned on.

Three-Shot Burst

Take 3 shots in rapid succession. Can also be used with Self-timer and Anti-Shake mode.

Tap to Focus

Tap anywhere on the screen to create a focal point for your photo.

Questions or Feedback

Our goal is to make the Frame X Frame the best photo app, so please email us at with any feedback or feature requests you might have.