Taking Pictures

Take a picture

Aim iPhone and tap the shutter button.

Tap and hold to take rapid-fire shots, up to 1.6 shots per second.


Press the JOBY button to open the menu.

Tap Settings to change advanced settings.

Saving Photos

The save dialog appears when photos are being saved to your iPhone.

Tip: You can keep taking photos while this dialog is displayed. Just don't leave the app, or you'll lose the unsaved images.

Tip: Take smaller sized pictures to save faster. Choose a smaller size for Menu > Settings > Image Size > Save to Album.

Viewing Photos

Tap the photo roll. To delete photos, from the Home screen choose Photos > Camera Roll.

When viewing an individual photo, tap the send button to send by email.

Tip: Choose how big of a file you'd like to send at Menu > Settings > Image Size > Email.


Shooting Modes

Self-timer and time-lapse work best with the GorillaMobile for iPhone 3G, a case and flexible iPhone stand that lets you position your iPhone virtually anywhere! (Learn more)


Set a delay before taking a photo. It's perfect for group shots or self-portraits.

Tap to change the length of the delay. Tap the shutter button to start the countdown.

Tip: Turn the audible countdown on and off at Menu > Settings > Misc > Countdown Alarm.


Take photos at regular intervals.

Tap to set the number of shots and the interval between shots.

Tip: To make sure your iPhone does not fall asleep, plug it into a power source and make sure Menu > Settings > Prevent iPhone Sleep is turned on.

Tip: Turn your photos into a time-lapse movie on your computer. Photojojo has a great tutorial to get you started.


Take photos when your iPhone is still. Hold still until the indicator changes from red to green.

Tap to change sensitivity.

Grid and Bubble Level

Grid: Rule of Thirds

The grid overlay helps you compose interesting shots. Align your subject with one of the intersection points to compose using the “rule of thirds”, a well-known technique in photography. This helps create photos that are more visually engaging.

Bubble Level

The bubble level helps you get perfectly level shots. It works in both landscape and portrait.

Calibrate the bubble level by pressing the small calibrate icon.

Additional Features


Drag the zoom slider to zoom in and out.

Tip: To show or hide the zoom slider, go to Menu > Settings > Zoom > Show Zoom.

Tip: To change the location of the zoom slider, go to Menu > Settings > Zoom > Zoom Orientation.

Press Anywhere

Tap anywhere on the screen to take a photo.

The fingerprint icon lets you know when it is turned on.

When Press Anywhere is turned off, double-tap on the screen to take a photo.

Three-Shot Burst

Take 3 shots in rapid succession. Can also be used with Self-timer and Anti-Shake mode.

Vote for new features

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Our goal is to make the Gorillacam the best photo app, so please email us at with any feedback or feature requests you might have.

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