Inspired: Designers


Riley (also known as J.R.) has been living a 'double life' since 2006 (coining the moment as "Two-Thousand-Sex" in which he embarked on re-incorporating his artwork into his daily life by exploring his own sexual/spiritual identity as it relates to social trends.

Double entendres and double lives; purity/perversity, sexuality/spirituality, art/commerce, abstract/representational, optimism/pessimism, wit/severity. His work often explores the link between perceived oppositions.

He mixes social sexual issues with personal ones, intertwining autobiographical and sociological images via elementary symbols/iconography/words. His signature work of simplistic flat imagery is typically loaded with numerous metaphors and alternate perspectives.

Previously the owner of the award-winning Surface Magazine, Riley seeks to inspire new ways of seeing and thinking in order to generate innovation in art & commerce through his work in advertising, marketing, publishing and art.