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GripTight Family

Our GripTight collection is the ultimate addition to your phone! Whether you're a mobile photographer, videographer, or just Netflix junkie, we've got some great mobile solutions for you!

How'd your phone like to have magnetic feet? How about becoming a video director? Portable media stand that you can carry on a keychain? JOBY has a solution for you!

Action Series Family

Get killer angles for epic GoPro videos! Our Action Tripod combines our award-winning flexible legs with an integrated ballhead. Our Action Clamps let your GoPro or Contour chomp down on edges like a stop sign or the side of a door in a flash.

GorillaTorch Flare

Our best-selling portable light with magnetic feet that shoots out a floodbeam at 125 lumens with 6 different light settings. Perfect for repairs or DIY projects, camping, and scaring away ghosts when the power goes out!

Camera Straps

2013 was the year of JOBY camera straps! We now have 7 camera straps that let you carry your gear any way you want it. Do you want fast-access? Peace of mind security? Interchangeability? And each one has the adaptability and innovation that's distinctly JOBY!

GorillaPod SLR-Zoom

Our most popular seller for DSLR setups, the SLR-Zoom can carry camera setups up to 3 kg | 6.5 lbs. With the Ballhead bundle, the SLR-Zoom lets you position your camera almost anywhere!

GorillaPod Focus

Made out of machined aluminum, the GorillaPod Focus with Ballhead X can handle cameras & lens up to a whopping 5 kg | 11 1bs! Get this one for that special gearhead who has a monster setup (or just really likes machined aluminum.)

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