Convertible Neck Strap

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Neck strap that converts to a wrist strap for DSLRs and CSCs

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JOBY Convertible Neck Strap

Neck strap converts
to a wrist strap

2-in-1! Comfortable neck strap quickly and easily converts into a wrist strap. Wear your camera in whatever mode is most comfortable or switch it up throughout the day. Clip the two clips together to use it in carrier mode.
Custom woven fabric is soft-to-the-touch and comfortable during long shoots. No scratchy material rubbing against your wrist or neck!
Durable, high-quality materials! Custom fabric and buckles are designed for long-lasting wear.
Easy and reliable installation. Attaches securely to your camera’s shoulder lugs.
Easy to stow away. Lightweight materials make it easy to fit the Convertible Neck Strap into your pocket or backpack when you’re using the strap in wrist mode.
Wrist-size adjustor allows you to customize the size of the wrist strap to keep your camera safe from accidental drops.

Neck Strap at a Glance

Learn what makes the Convertible Neck Strap awesome!

Convertible Neck Strap Specifications
Designed For DSLRs, CSCs, mirrorless ILCs, binoculars
Product Weight 46 Grams 0.1 Pounds 1.6 Ounces
Product Dimensions W:  40 mm | 1.6 in D:  8 mm | 0.3 in H:  1010 mm | 39.8 in
Connection Point Universal camera shoulder lugs

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