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Behind the Scenes: Creating Album Art

Ashlan Nathens, or ‘scribblegraph’ as he is now known, is an independent artist from Perth, Western Australia. He shared this great video of the behind the scenes process of him creating the album art for singer-songwriter Heather Fay. Not only did he use his GorillaPod SLR-Zoom to film the behind the scenes video, he also […]

Galileo: Your iOS in Motion

The founder of JOBY and original brain behind our famous GorillaPod has started a new venture—Motrr. JoeBen Bevirt along with JOBY Alum Josh Guyot have come up with a revolutionary new design that fuses robots, photography and your iPhone. It’s called Galileo. The Galileo is a revolutionary, iOS-controlled robotic iPhone platform with infinite spherical rotation […]

CineSkates: Smooth tracking video for your GorillaPod Focus

Justin Jensen at Cinetics had a problem: how do you move a video camera smoothly alongside its subject? How do you get those smooth, straight or circular tracking shots with something portable that you can position anywhere? So, he created an ingenious solution to go with the GorillaPod Focus: wheels! Not just any wheels, but […]

Delightful Designs: Fluid Dress

I just felt compelled to share this super, light show dress. 600ft of knitted tubing powered by a pump =  an amazing creation.

Delightful Design: Firefly Patterns, Book Covers to Cherish and Light Images Floating in Mid Air

So it’s midweek here and not enough sleep has been had by yours truly. So for a little pick-me-up I decided to look at some inspiring design ideas that I have seen lately. It really is a hodgepodge, but oh-so-pretty…or at least cool. Tracking Fireflies in the Forest These gorgeous image were made by tracking […]

Delightful Design: A blend of old and new

Move over paintbrushes, time for your fingers to do the heavy lifting (not quite like my kindergarten). Watch as artist David Jon Kassan uses nothing but his fingers and his iPad and the brushes app to create  a distinctly old world portrait.  Originally, filmed as a live demo over 3 hours in his Brooklyn studio […]

Patrick Trefz Debuts New Feature Length Film – Idiosyncrasies at Surfilm Festival in San Sebastian Spain

Spain needs a little loving today (if you don’t know what I am referring to, you clearly haven’t been paying enough attention to the World Cup). And, what is a better way to spread some cheer than with some fantastic art? The World Premiere for Joby Pro Team Member Patrick Trefz’s feature film entitled “Idiosyncracies” […]

Delightful Design – The LEGO printer, the character-filled analog solution to the laser printer

This super creative LEGO printer is hilarious. I love watching the little LEGO men fueled vignettes as the felt tip pen creates it’s magic.

FOJ (Friends of Joby) – Rewarded at International Contemporary Furniture Fair

Last month the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) which seeks to be a global summit of what’s best and next in design took place in New York City. Capping off the event of fabulous and innovative design was the ICFF Editors Award. This year the ICFF proclaimed panel of the “hippest and most in-the-know U.S. […]

Delightful Design – Inflatable Bag Monsters New York City Street Art

This clever use of wind and plastic bags by Joshua Allen Harris’ is inspiring. I love watching the animals and figures come to life as the wind blows and the steam rises from the subway.