Monthly Archives: August 2011

Breaking down the iPhone Timelapse

Photographer Dhrumil S. Desai breaks down the art of iPhone timelapse videography on his blog Desigraph. He shares all his tips and tricks for how to maximize your iPhone and capture the best timelapse video in his post A Day at the Library. One great tip … set your phone to airplane mode so text […]

Important News About Joby!

We’ve got some really exciting news this week!     For Immediate Release August 26, 2011 Petaluma, CA – DayMen Group, manufacturer and leading distributor of high-quality imaging, laptop and other electronic protective accessory brands, is pleased to announce it has reached an agreement to acquire Joby. Joby is the San Francisco-based manufacturer of iconic […]

CineSkates: Smooth tracking video for your GorillaPod Focus

Justin Jensen at Cinetics had a problem: how do you move a video camera smoothly alongside its subject? How do you get those smooth, straight or circular tracking shots with something portable that you can position anywhere? So, he created an ingenious solution to go with the GorillaPod Focus: wheels! Not just any wheels, but […]

Friday Finds: World Photography Day!

Happy Friday Creactives! Today is World Photography Day, quite possibly one of our favorite days here at JOBY.  We hope you’re celebrating along with the rest of the world by taking lots of fabulous photos and putting your GorillaPod to work! In honor of World Photo Day, I want to share an incredible global photography […]

Friday Finds: Dog Photography, GorillaPods in the Wild

Happy Friday Creactives! Let’s just talk a little bit about our dogs, shall we? Dogs are a constant in our lives — they are unconditionally loving, they’re silly, they chew up our newspapers and our keds. And we love them for all of this.  As I was scrolling through my photo library the other day, […]

Everything Is A Remix

Everything Is A Remix is an amazing video series produced by Kirby Ferguson, a New York-based filmmaker. The series discusses the remix, the role of copying in artistic creation, and how innovation relies so heavily on influence and inspiration from previous creations. Here at JOBY, our product designers deal with the complicated relationship between these […]

Friday Finds: Yogi in Mac Life, Tilt-Shift Photography, Celebrity Portraiture

Well Creactives, I guess I am not as tech-saavy as I had once thought. I had pre-written and scheduled a delightful Friday Finds post for last Friday while I was off wine tasting in Napa—tough life!— but it didn’t ever publish. I’m sure you all missed me dearly, and so this week you’ll get to […]