Monthly Archives: July 2010

Friday Finds: Videos to Celebrate Summer; Camping, On the Water or On the Road

Hello Creactives! We are headed out to an offsite in Park City, Utah to catch up on all the summer fun that you all seem to have been experiencing. Watch this space for photos of us taking advantage of the great outdoors. In the meantime, enjoy these fun videos of other creactives taking full advantage […]

DIY with iPhone 4 – How to Build a Steadicam

Hello mechanically minded photographers out there!  Here is a fun weekend project, easily explained and with some very impressive results. This step by step approach to building a Steadicam is super informative, easy to follow…of course doing it might be a whole other ball of wax.  As always, be careful when handling heat and pvc […]

Friday Finds: AMAZING Joby Video – Joby Gets a Text

Hello Creactives! I am always impressed by the creativity of the Joby community, but this week the bar was really raised with this awesome video by Mark Stokes which is part of a soon to be growing series entitled “The Life and Times of Joby.” This stop-motion Gorillapod love story is enchanting, hilarious and demands […]

Patrick Trefz Idiosyncracies Screening at Joby Labs

Last Thursday, Joby was thrilled to host the screening of Joby Pro Team member, Patrick Trefz’s new film Idiosyncrasies. As the latest unveiling of the Joby Inspired: Wall, we also were able to refresh our walls and have added some of his awesome and inspirational surf art to our office for the next few months. […]

Friday Finds: Cardiac Arrests, Hacks and Horsies

Happy Friday Creactives! Hanging From the Rafters Making a defibrillator seem like a pleasant evening activity, this fun all-limbs in perspective of the drum cover of the Madness single ‘Cardiac Arrest’ is clearly enhanced by the Gorillapod mounted from the rafters. Oh, The Things You Can Do With a Gorillapod We love seeing innovative uses […]

Funny and Random Tidbits to Lighten the Mood

Our lovely intern Nahu’s favorite music video (ok maybe just for the day) is filled with ridiculous lyrics, funny visuals and random interludes. This may be on the wrong side of cute…but this little coin collector cracks us up.

Friday Finds: Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Massive Gorillapods and Lovely Images

Hello Creactives! It’s Friday and time to take a little trip down memory lane. Baseball Frenzy Last week, Joby SF celebrated the arrival of summer (or at least as much of summer as we get in San Francisco) with a trip out to the Giants game. Much fun was had by all…and the “Brown Cows” […]

Candid Summer Contest – Capture the fun, unscripted moments that inspire your summer shenanigans

Summer is in full swing and it is time to whip out your phones, cameras and other “image capturing” devices and start documenting the crazy and often unplanned moments that make summertime so memorable. The top five images will receive up to $100 worth of product, be featured in the blog and may appear in […]

Friday Finds: 360 Degrees of Time-Lapses, Egg-Timers and Self-Portraits

Hello Creactives! You Keep Me Spinning Round, Round, Round A camera, a Gorillapod and a $4 egg timer combine to make the ultimate 360 degree time-lapse video.  Move over rotating restaurants,  this souped-up egg-timer is an accessible way to feel totally immersed in an activity or skyline.  Poised on top of a Gorillapod Focus, this […]