Monthly Archives: May 2010

Friday Finds: Make the perfect weekend project, Gorillapod hitches a ride, Love is in the air, REI anniversary

Happy 3 Day Weekend Creactives! What to MAKE this weekend Our love for Make Magazine grew even more this week with the roll-out of their remote controlled camera. Able to receive a signal from up to 2 miles away, this do-it-yourself device is made by hacking together a simple digital camera and a walkie talkie. […]

An Original Creactive- Don’t Mess With This Bear

Maker Faire Outing – Dancing with Electricity and Shooting T-Shirts

Yesterday was a lovely day for a stroll at the Bay Area Maker Faire. Sponsored by Make Magazine the Maker Faire is an eccentrically fun event filled with some very cool technological cutting edge inventions and some particularly odd ideas. Some definite themes for the event seemed to be vertically hanging your plants (my personal […]

Friday Finds: Gorillatorch on the Run, Gorillapod Bike Rides, Groovy Equals Gorillapod Magnetic

Hello Creactives! Hilarious Gorillatorch Story We received this awesome email the other day from a customer, that was too fun to pass up. I love the image of the Gorillatorch holding on for dear life as the car surges down the road. I received a gorillatorch as a Mother’s Day gift. I was playing with […]

Delightful Design – Inflatable Bag Monsters New York City Street Art

This clever use of wind and plastic bags by Joshua Allen Harris’ is inspiring. I love watching the animals and figures come to life as the wind blows and the steam rises from the subway.

Friday Finds – Putting Together a Bed Time-Lapse, Best Gift for Tech Moms, Dreaming of Evenings in Mexico

Happy Friday Creactives! Bed Making Gorillamobile and Gorillacam Style Ahh, the joys of constructing – Ikea style. This time-lapse video taken with a Gorillamobile and Gorillacam is a study in what putting together an Ikea bed is supposed to be like. For the most part everything goes smoothly, he doesn’t spend hours the way I […]

Dad In His Natural Habitat Photo Contest

Ah, Dad! The word itself conjures up very specific images.  Whether it be the white socks and short shorts or dad reading a book on the couch, pictures of dad always bring mixed portions of nostalgia and hilarity. So in honor of the fast approaching Father’s Day, share some of your favorite pictures of Dad […]

Friday Finds – National Hardware Show, Video of Amsterdam With the Help of a Gorillapod

Hello Creactives! It is that time again – Friday Finds. National Hardware Show This week Joby was once again in the desert of Las Vegas for the National Hardware Show to showcase our products especially the hands-free flashlight wunderkind – the Gorillatorch. The National Hardware Store caters to the “home after market” and attracts an […]

Creating Meaningful Discussions About Art – Opening Festivities of the Oakland Museum of California

This weekend’s festivities to celebrate the re-opening of the Oakland Museum of California was a testament to everything that is great about Oakland and also a welcome look into what the next generation of museums and art engagement will look like. Oakland has accomplished what many other cities did not. It maintained and expanded its […]

Highlights From Joby Lab Launch + Liquor and the Joby Inspired: Wall

Recently, we celebrated our new office space with a lively and fun filled party aka Joby Lab Launch + Liquor. Over 200 people joined us to eat, drink, mingle and even dance a little. The drinks flowed liberally as we feted our lovely new setup designed by Philip Wood & CITIZEN: Citizen along with Derek […]