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GorillaPod Action TripodTM
The GorillaPod Action Tripod's longer, flexible legs let your GoPro® camera tackle any type of terrain or wrap itself around poles, branches, or fences. An integrated ballhead with bubble-level gives you pinpoint control on the camera angle that you need.

Action Clamp & Locking ArmTM
Our innovative sliding clamp design lets you quickly close the gap on surfaces as thin as a stop sign or as thick as 2 inches (5 cm).

With two arm joints that can rotate 360° and pivot 180° side-to-side, you can position your GoPro® at any angle. and tighten the locking arm to give you long-lasting, vibration-resistant positioning.

Action Clamp & GorillaPod ArmTM
The Action Clamp & GorillaPod Arm lets you quickly position your GoPro® at just the right angle with its flexible GorillaPod arm with its 5 balls and sockets.

Just bend the legs to get your angle and elevation, and you're set!

Gpod Mini Magnetic
Our smallest flexible tripod that has really strong magnetic feet!

Combine it with our Tripod Mount for GoPro® (sold separately), and you have an ultra-portable GoPro® tripod that will stick to magnetic surfaces so hard you'll think it's glued on.